The TB test requirement applies to the following quarterly Cal Teach courses: Science Ed. 1XP, 10XP, 15XP, 100XP, Math 73XP, 74XP, 75XP and the Summer Internship.

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TB Test

The schools require that you complete a TB Test prior to beginning your internship, showing that you are free of active TB.

The TB test must be administered within 6 months of your start date at the school. (Some schools require within 60 days).

You may not go to your assigned school until we have a copy of your negative TB test in our office. 

A Mantoux (skin-prick), T-Spot (blood), or a chest x-ray is an acceptable test.  You should have a Mantoux or T-Spot test done first, and only have a chest x-ray taken if your Mantoux or T-spot test is positive. Keep in mind you’ll have to schedule a second appointment, typically 48 hours later, to have the Mantoux TB Test read.  You can have the test done with your personal physician, a walk-in clinic, or at the Ashe Center.

There are three methods for making an appointment at the Ashe Center:

  1. By phone, call 825-4073 and choose Option 1, and 1 again
  2. Make your own online, using our on-line services.
  3. In person, visit any Solutions Center (located on floors 1-3)

There is a small cost involved in the TB Test unless you have opted out of SHIP. If you have opted out of SHIP, it is your responsibility to cover any fees associated with the test.

Please submit evidence of your negative TB status (a copy of your test result) by uploading to the link provided in your welcome email, or you may email a digital copy to us at Be sure that the test result includes the location and address where the test was performed, in addition to your name and date of birth.

IMPORTANT: The Ashe Center appointments fill up very quickly at the beginning of each quarter. Please make your appointment as soon as possible once accepted into the course, and well in advance of the beginning of the quarter, if possible. If you cannot get a TB test appointment at the Ashe Center in time for the start of your internship, you might need to go to a walk-in clinic and pay for a test there. There are two relatively local options: CVS Minute Clinic at 10889 Wellworth Ave at the corner of Westwood Blvd [currently closed], and WellnessMart MD ( at 12200 Wilshire Blvd.

Additional note:  (Should you be asked, a one-step TB test is fine; a two-step test is not necessary).