Cal Teach Science - High School

The goal of “Cal Teach Science – High School” is to introduce prospective science teachers to the field of high school education and the teaching and learning of science in high school classrooms. Students involved in this course will participate in a 5 unit seminar (Science Ed 100XP) in addition to a 24-hour per quarter internship at one of our partner high schools. You may take the CSETs in lieu of a final exam for this course. The UCLA Cal Teach program will reimburse you for the registration fees associated with CSET tests that you pass. (To be reimbursed, you will need to email us a copy of your test result showing that you passed, and a copy of the receipt showing that you paid the associated fees. Please note that we cannot reimburse for late fees as per University policy. More information on the CSET exams and our reimbursement policies is available on our Exam Info page.)

Seminar information:

Students will enroll in Science Ed 100XP, a 5-unit seminar taught on UCLA’s campus (currently online due to COVID). Through this seminar, students are introduced to inquiry-based learning practices, National and California standards, reading and learning differences in children, and the cognitive ability of high school-age children as it relates to the introduction of concepts, curricular planning, classroom management, and learning assessment.

For 2020-21, the seminar will be offered Winter Quarter.

Please check the UCLA Schedule of Classes or contact the Cal Teach staff at for the most up-to-date information.


Internship information:

In combination with the seminar, students participate in a 3 hour per week (24 hour per quarter) internship. The internship allows you to apply the theory from the seminar into a high school setting. Pairs of students are placed in local high school classrooms to observe, participate, and assist a Mentor Teacher. The culminating project is to teach your own lesson plan, created in the seminar and based on California standards, during your internship. The internship is scheduled based on your availability and is scheduled Monday-Friday between 8am and 3pm. Currently, all placements are online due to COVID.

We have three partner high schools (University High School, New West Charter, and Palisades High School). University High School and New West Charter are approximately 20 minutes away via a single Big Blue Bus ride. Palisades High School is approximately 30 minutes away via a single Metro Bus ride. It is not necessary to have a car to get to your internship site. We do not provide nor reimburse for transportation. Currently, all placements are online due to COVID, and may include other schools.



You must have completed at least one course from the following list: Science Education 1SL, Science Education 10SL, Math 71SL, 72SL or 73SL, or completed the Cal Teach Summer Internship. Ideally you will have completed both an elementary level course (Science Education 1SL or Math 74SL) and a middle school level course (Science Education 10SL or Math 72SL). You must be making normal progress towards a degree in a science related field. Other majors are welcome to apply and your eligibility is based on the amount of science classes you have completed. If you wish to enroll and have not completed the prerequisites, please contact the Cal Teach staff at, to discuss possibilities.

How to Apply?


You need to fill out a short online application in order to receive permission to enroll in the seminar though MyUCLA. Once accepted into the seminar,  we will send you a PTE number that will enable you to enroll in the course.

In our main menu, go to "Apply" and choose "Online Applications" from the drop down menu. In "Online Applications" page, select link for the quarter and course of interest.

Note that you will need to provide proof of negative TB status prior to visiting a school in person (read more about TB requirements). Currently, the TB requirement does not apply since all classrooms visits are online due to COVID.

Please contact the Cal Teach staff with any questions at