Math 73XP - Key Issues in K-12 Mathematics

Math 73XP (formerly Math 73SL) aims to introduce students to K-12 mathematics activity in the United States through exploration of the sequences of mathematical content and habits of mind taught in these grades as well as the cognitive aspects of learning this mathematics.

Coursework will include:

• analysis of the sequences of topics in the current California State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M) and the mathematical structures that underlie these sequences

• experience with the habits of mind of a professional mathematician outlined in the California Standards for Mathematical Practice including proof and mathematical modeling

• experience with effective strategies for teaching mathematics to diverse student groups with fieldwork in local mathematics classrooms
Class meetings will include presentations by guest speakers who, as a whole, represent the diversity of career paths available to students in the K-12 mathematics education profession. One class meeting will consist of students engaging with current teachers as they participate in a professional development activity.



Fieldwork in either a local elementary, middle or high school school classroom will include observation as well as presenting an original mathematical task written by the student. 


Course Meetings:  1 hour 50 minutes per week, with 20 hours of observation in local school.

3 units - P/NP



Students should be making regular progress toward a STEM major (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Other majors are welcome to apply and your eligibility is based on the amount of math classes you have completed.


How to Apply?

You need to fill out a short online application in order to receive permission to enroll in the seminar though MyUCLA. Once accepted into the seminar,  we will send you a PTE number that will enable you to enroll in the course.

In our main menu, go to "Apply" and choose "Online Applications" from the drop down menu. In "Course Applications" page, select link for the quarter and course of interest.

Note that you may need to provide proof of negative TB status, proof of covid vaccination, and weekly negative covid tests prior to visiting a school (read more about TB requirements).

You must be in good academic standing to enroll in a course as pass/ no pass - see UCLA Academic Regulations.

Please contact the Cal Teach staff  at with any questions.