Math Department Offerings

Cal Teach Math Teaching Courses

Math 73XP  - Key Issues in K-12 Math Education - 3 units - course description

Math 74XP  - Mathematics and Pedagogy for Teaching Elementary Mathematics - 3 units - course description

Math 75XP - Mathematics and Pedagogy for Teaching Middle School Mathematics - 3 units - course description

Math 105 ABC - Mathematics and Pedagogy for Teaching Secondary School Mathematics (High School)

Note: Internship placements and other logistics for Math 73XP, 74XP, and 75XP are administered by the Cal Teach office housed in 1039 Young Hall. You must apply on this Cal Teach website to receive a PTE to enroll in these courses. Math 105ABC is administered entirely by the Math department (including any associated field experiences).

*For more information on the above courses, please contact Julian Rojas at or the Cal Teach office at

Also see UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching


Accelerated credential pathways:

1) Joint Math Education Program (JMEP) -

The Joint Math/Ed Program (JMEP) is a collaborative effort of the UCLA Mathematics Department and the Graduate School of Education's Teacher Education Program. In this program, students begin work toward a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics during their senior year, and complete this coursework by the end of the academic year immediately following completion of their bachelor's degree. In the academic year immediately following their bachelors degree, students complete a Masters in Education while teaching full time (earning a full time salary) in Los Angeles urban schools.

2) Integrated Pathway -

This program allows students to complete most or all of the required credential coursework as an undergraduate.

For more information and to apply for either JMEP or the Integrated Pathway, please go to the UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching. Also see UCLA Graduate School of Education Undergraduate Programs.


Math Subject Matter Preparation

Applicants for a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics must verify their "subject matter competence" to teach mathematics in one of two ways: 1) complete a CA-approved "subject matter program" and obtain verification of completion from the university with the approved program or 2) achieve a passing score on the three part California Subject Matter Examination for Teachers (CSET).

The UCLA Mathematics Department is one of three UC campuses with a CA-approved subject matter program in mathematics. The courses comprising the program are listed on on the Math Department website (follow the link below for additional information). Students who complete the Mathematics for Teaching major will automatically complete the department's CA-approved subject matter program. At the end of their senior year, students may request a letter from the Mathematics Department's Undergraduate Office verifying their completion of these courses and thus their subject matter competence for the CA Single Subject Teaching Credential in Mathematics.

For more information, see UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching.


Math for Teaching Major

The Math for Teaching Major is designed for students who have a substantial interest in teaching mathematics at the secondary level.

Contact Connie Jung at for more details. 


Mathematics for Teaching Minor

The Mathematics for Teaching Minor is designed for students majoring in fields other than mathematics who plan to teach secondary mathematics after graduation. For non-majors joining the Mathematics Department and School of Education's Joint Mathematics Education Program (JMEP), the minor provides recognition for completion of prerequisite coursework for the program. This coursework also prepares students for content on the Math CSET exam.

Contact Connie Jung at for more details.