Our Mission

The goal of the UC-wide Cal Teach Initiative is to encourage the diverse group of UC students majoring or planning to major in Math, Science and Engineering to consider teaching as a career. Learn more about UC-wide CalTeach.

There is a great need for teachers in the state of California, particularly for science, math, and special education. The shortage of highly qualified, credentialed teachers in these subjects is particularly acute in high-needs schools throughout the state.

The UCLA Cal Teach program is committed to encouraging and supporting students interested in K-12 math and science teaching. Our courses include observation, participation and assisting in K-12 schools, and seminars to support those field experiences. Through our program you will explore teaching in the elementary, middle and high school settings. We offer you a guided exploration of teaching as a career, personal advising as you explore and prepare for a teaching career, and assistance and financial support for subject matter preparation.

Our program wants the best and the brightest to experience, first-hand, the amazing impact that they can have on teaching and that teaching can have on them. We look forward to hearing from you!!