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You are likely to have many questions about the field of teaching. We invite all currently enrolled UCLA students to visit us at the California Teach Resource and Advising Center, located in 1039 Young Hall. You are invited to come investigate the various pathways to teaching, the scholarships and financial aid available, and to find out about exciting possibilities on ways to become involved. Please contact us at to schedule a meeting. 

Note that if you are interested in UCLA's Graduate School of Education's Teacher Education Program (teaching credential and/or master degree in education), please contact their credential counselor, Lauren Villa, at  (also see more contact details for Lauren Villa at the bottom of this page).


Cal Teach Advising hours (Prof. Arlene Russell) - appointment required

Professor Arlene Russell, Faculty Director of California Teach, holds regular advising hours during the academic year for currently enrolled UCLA students regarding the Science Education Minor, STEP and JMEP programs, credential programs, and other teaching career-related questions. She will meet with both science and math students. If you are considering any of these programs, please contact Marlena Raimey at to schedule an appointment with her during her available advising hours.


For general information about the California Teach program, and S-STEM Scholarship:

Janice Daniel, Academic Coordinator 
1037B Young Hall 


For general information about the Science Education Minor:

Marlena Raimey, Assistant Coordinator 
1039 Young Hall 


For advising regarding Science Education Minor, or accelerated credential programs for either Science Teacher Education Program (STEP) or Joint Mathematics Education Program (JMEP):

Arlene Russell, Faculty Director of California Teach 
1037A Young Hall 

*Please schedule an appointment by contacting Marlena Raimey at


For general information about programs and/or courses offered through the math department (Math 103, 105, Math for Teaching Major, Math Education Minor, JMEP):

Connie Jung, Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Mathematics 
6356 Mathematical Sciences 


For additional information about the UCLA Math Department’s math teacher preparation programs (Math 103, 105, Math for Teaching Major, Math Education Minor, JMEP): 

Heather Dallas 
Math Department Teacher Preparation Committee Co-Chair 
Department of Mathematics 
5334 Mathematical Sciences 
(310) 825-4096


For information about earning a CA teaching credential, and/or the UCLA Graduate School of Education's Teacher Education Programs:

Lauren Villa, Credential Counselor 
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies 
1009 Moore Hall 
(Mon-Thu 10-3)