There is no general application to become part of the UCLA Cal Teach program as a whole. Rather you will apply for each course or component separately, as necessary. See below.


Quarterly Cal Teach courses:

To apply for our quarterly Cal Teach courses (Science Ed. 1, 10, 100, Math 71, 72), you must submit a short online application for each quarter that you apply. Once accepted into the course for that quarter, we will send you a PTE number (permission to enroll) that you will use to enroll through MyUCLA. The online applications are available on our Online Applications page. Applications are typically posted around mid-quarter for the following quarter (e.g. applications for Winter Quarter are typically posted mid-way through Fall Quarter, and applications for Spring Quarter are posted mid-way through Winter Quarter).

To enroll in upper division math courses (Math 103 A, B, C, Math 105 A, B, C), you may enroll directly through MyUCLA. No online application is required but you may need to contact the instructor directly for permission to enroll.


Summer Internship

More information and the online application for the Summer Internship are available on the Summer Internship page of our website. Application is typically due at the end of Spring Quarter for continuing UCLA students and mid-summer for entering transfer students.


Science Education Minor:

To apply for the Science Education Minor, please contact Marlena Raimey ( for application process and materials.


Teaching Secondary Mathematics Minor:

To apply for the Teaching Secondary Mathematics Minor, please contact Connie Jung ( for application process and materials.


Accelerated credential programs (JMEP/ STEP):

To apply for the science accelerated credential program, please go to the STEP (Science Teacher Education Program) page. Applications are due at the same time as the Graduate School for Education's Teacher Education Program, typically in early December for the following academic year.

For more information and to apply for the math accelerated credential program, please download the application for JMEP (Joint Math Education Program) from the UCLA Curtis Center for Mathematics page. Applications are typically due during Winter Quarter for the following academic year.